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Copying is risky
– Free plagiarism check

Have you used text passages or even quotes in your scientific papers, but have not marked them as such, even though it is mandatory? Or have you copied internet sources into your thesis by using copy & paste and have forgotten to delete them or to render such with your own words?

To ensure that something like this does not happen to you, I offer you an effective and free plagiarism check.

Copying violates the examination rules and has serious consequences - which can start with a warning note, result in automatic failing of the examination and the exclusion from rendering further examination efforts up to the removal from the register of students!

You think that nobody would notice or that things like that won't be checked? Universities and professors are definitely well aware of the fact that an estimated 30% of all papers are partial or complete plagiarisms and have taken measures against cheating and copying. There are many aids available for professors in regards to the topic: How do I detect people that cheat by copying and pasting?

More and more professors utilize professional plagiarism search programs, which can detect any internet content - even if students have reworked and reformulated sentences. Therefore it becomes easy for the examiner to prove that something has clumsily been copied.

Within the scope of my proofreading or editing I will search for text passages that have been (accidentally) copied into your papers by means of the same software that your professors are using.

You therefore have the peace of mind that your seminar or thesis papers will also withstand an in-depth plagiarism check. The best part of it all: This service is absolutely free for you!

Simply send me your text via email.


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