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Do you still have some questions?

On this page I have gathered together all answers to questions that I have been asked many times. Should your question not be answered here, please contact me directly.

1. How long does a correction take?

At most I will require one week, whereby it is quite likely that you will receive the corrected text back much earlier. This obviously also depends on the length of your text. In any case, I am correcting your text as quickly as possible, if necessary even during evenings, on weekends or holidays. I also offer a 24 hour correction, for which I charge a small surcharge.

2. Do you only correct the spelling or will you also make stylistic improvements?

Generally I check your text in accordance to the rules of the new German orthography (upon request also according to the old rules), punctuation, hyphenation and grammar. Also small stylistic improvements are made at no extra charge. For renewed formulating of sentences, stylistic corrections, as well as extensive content corrections (editing) I would agree upon an additional fee with you.

3. My manuscript contains many graphics and illustrations. Will it therefore be cheaper for me?

Yes. A standard page always has 30 rows with 60 characters each, which amounts to 1,800 characters incl. spaces and footnotes. The number of characters can be seen in Microsoft Word under the menu "Tools", "Word count", "Characters with spaces" and "Include footnotes and endnotes". If you divide the total number of characters by 1,800, you will get the number of standard pages.

4. Do you also only correct one page, such as a cover letter for a resume or a flyer?

I would be happy to also correct smaller texts. For texts that are shorter than 10 pages, I do have to charge for a minimum of 10 pages however, as otherwise the invoicing (handling, creating the invoice, accounting, etc.) is not worth my while. Thank you for your understanding.

5. German is not my mother tongue and therefore my German is not very good. Can you help me?

Should your mother tongue not be German, I would be happy to help transform your text into a better German. Especially students from outside of Germany like to take advantage of my services.

6. How can I pay and do I have to pay your fees in advance or pay a down payment?

You can conveniently pay after being invoiced, after I have sent your corrected text back to you.


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